DID 420NZ3 Gold Chain G&B (130 Link)

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D.I.D is the number one motorcycle chain in the world. D.I.D chains are used by factory races teams from all manufacturers in race series everywhere.
Pinning your mini out of every turn might tear apart the stock chain, but D.I.D and their 420NZ3 Gold chain will not let you, or your race for first, down.
For machines originally equipped with non-O-ring chains.

For machines originally equipped with non-O-ring chains.
Solid rollers.
Shot-peened parts.
High cylindrical and roundness accuracy.
Exacting tolerances provide low friction.
DHA pin treatment - hard chromium-carbide layer formed on pin surface for exceptional strength and wear resistance.
Special alloy steel with extended riveted bushing anti-kink design.
Highest quality non-O-ring chain in overall combined performance.
Up to 19 percent higher tensile strength
Maximum displacement: 150cc.
Includes a clip-style master link.