DID 520VT2 X-Ring Chain G&B (120 Link)

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The DID 520 VT2 Narrow Enduro Racing X-Ring Chain gives you the durability of an X-Ring chain in a width as skinny as non-sealed chains.
If your bike has slim clearances designed for traditional, non-sealed drive chains, DID's VT2 is a great choice for getting the extended durability of their X-Ring chain in a narrow package. The VT2 uses DID's patented X-Ring design to hold lubricant inside the chain assembly and reduce friction points that occur in every link. This makes the VT2 specifically geared for the harshness of off-road riding with 1.5 to 2 times the lifespan and half the power loss of competing O-ring and modified O-ring designs. The VT2 chain is plenty robust with a tensile strength of 8,440 pounds and is recommended for any bike 500cc or under. So if your bike fits narrow, non-o-ring chains but you want the durability and ease of a sealed chain, pick up the DID 520 VT2 Narrow Enduro Racing X-Ring Chain for everything but width.

Sealed ring chain with narrow body width
Same width as non-o-ring chains
More durability with less adjusting and lubrication
Half the power loss of other O-ring designs
1.5 to 2 times longer wear life than other O-ring and designs
Includes master link
500cc displacement recommended
Patented X-Ring design