POD K8 2.0 Knee Brace Pair

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POD K8 2.0 Forged Carbon Knee Brace features:

Total Comfort
Lightweight, lower profile frame design ensures a snug fit and superior feel for the bike and weighs only 530 grams.

The Interior Liner is now not padding but an EPS type foam, this is so that the liner does not absorb moisture and is much easier to wash.
Zero pressure points enable you to ride all day in comfort and control. 

Human Motion
Reinforce your knee with POD’s patented Synthetic Ligaments™ that move so naturally, you will forget you are wearing a knee brace.
Secure fit guarantees the brace stays in position and won’t slide down your leg.
Extension stops provide progressive control from 0 to 20 degrees.

Precise Fit
Micro adjustable to ensure a secure fit
Top & Bottom straps now have a clip, they do not Velcro up as previous. This makes it a lot easier to get them off, and should not need adjusting.

Total Support
CE medical device  
Suitable for ligament instabilities
Injury prevention

POD K8 Ultimate MX Knee Brace suitability:
POD® ligament knee braces are medical grade products, and suitable for use by Adult riders of all skill levels, beginner to professional. Now last 5 times longer. It is a good idea to educate people on the serviceability of POD knee braces and emphasise that the ligaments are designed to break.
Suitable for those with ACL, PCL, instability, as well MCL, LCL instability
Also suitable for those with Rotary and Combined Instabilities (CI)